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First Look: The Exclusive Stella York Preview Show at White Wisteria

We are excited to announce the exclusive Stella York Bridal Preview Show in Cincinnati! This January 5th - 7th, join us for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore the latest unreleased bridal gown designs from Stella York. Start the year by saying ‘yes’ to your wedding gown before it walks the runway!

These aren't just any dresses; they are hand-picked, never-before-seen styles representing the future of bridal fashion!

A Bride Posing In her Wedding Dress holding a Boquet of Flowers
Stella York Dress 7831

What is a Bridal Preview Show?

Preview Shows are exclusive bridal events hosted only by a select few boutiques nationwide, and we are thrilled to be one of them! At these events, the designer showcases their potential new styles for the upcoming season, and each piece is beautifully unique to suit every bride's dream.

A representative from Stella York will be in attendance, working alongside our expert stylists to assist you in selecting the latest and most fitting styles for your special day.

We are immensely honored and grateful to our dedicated stylists, supportive owners, and, most importantly, our incredible BRIDES, whose trust and enthusiasm have helped us achieve this remarkable milestone.

How is a Preview Show different from a Trunk Show?

The Stella York Preview Show at White Wisteria Bridal Boutique is an extraordinary event, offering exclusivity not found in our regular trunk shows. Trunk shows feature a variety of released dresses that are available across the country.

Our buying team has seen these styles at bridal markets, and they are loaned to us by designers for the weekend to expand inventory. The selection may include dresses in different sizes or colors, some of which might not be part of our store collection. Typically, trunk shows offer about 10 to 15 samples.

In contrast, the Stella York Preview Show is a unique experience. It will showcase over 30 unreleased gowns from Stella York's upcoming 2024 collection. These are not just any dresses; they are prototypes. This means each gown ‘previews’ what may be released in future seasons. The event's appeal is that these dresses can still be changed, altered, or may not even make it to the final line!

This allows you to try on and choose a genuinely one-of-a-kind dress. If you find a dress you love, act fast – it might be your only chance to wear that design! This Preview Show is a once-in-a-lifetime event, mirroring the uniqueness of your wedding day.

The Stella York Difference

Stella York is known for their ultra-romantic designs, distinguished by their eye-catching details. The brand's standout feature in the bridal world is its exceptional quality and attention to detail for a reasonable price point.

They offer every bride, irrespective of size or budget, an authentic high-fashion experience without breaking the bank. Always in step with the latest trends, Stella York showcases the most popular elements from global bridal runways.

Close up of a Bride in Her Wedding Dress and Engagement Ring
Stella York Dress 7820

Their collections range from head-to-toe sparkling textures to effortlessly elegant designs, ensuring that every bride finds her perfect wedding day look. Known for their inclusivity, Stella York designs various styles to suit every venue and every bride's vision, making them a favorite for brides seeking that special, personalized touch for their big day.

Exclusive Access

Hosting a Stella York Preview Show is a rare privilege, as the designer partners with only a few stores yearly. We at White Wisteria Bridal are incredibly honored and grateful to be chosen for such an exclusive event.

Their collection encompasses everything from modern and trendy to boho and floral designs, including stunning ball gowns, flowing A-lines, and chic fit-and-flare dresses. At the Preview Show, every bride can find a dress that resonates with her unique style.

This event is especially significant as it falls around the bustling holiday and New Year period when the bridal gown industry buzzes with activity and new trends. We're excited to showcase what Stella York has in store for their 2024 collection, offering our brides a first look before these styles are revealed to the public.

Due to the anticipated high demand, this once-in-a-lifetime Preview Show will have minimal spots available.

January is one of our busiest times, and we're eagerly looking forward to welcoming you to this exclusive event from January 5th through 7th.

Is This Bridal Show Right for You?

This experience goes beyond what you would expect from a typical bridal show. Each bride who attends will be treated to a goodie bag filled with exciting merchandise to celebrate the occasion!

This event suits brides planning their weddings for August 2024 or later, ensuring ample time to choose, order, and alter your one-of-a-kind gown from Stella York.

The timing of this event is perfect for those ready to find their dream gown! As our stylists provide personalized attention, we can accommodate only a limited number of brides daily.

Therefore, booking your appointment in advance is essential, as we won't be able to accept walk-ins. Ensure you take advantage of this exclusive opportunity by securing your spot for an enhanced bridal shopping experience.

Limited Spots, Unlimited Memories

To secure your place at the Stella York Preview Show at White Wisteria Bridal Boutique, you can easily book online or by phone. With a ticket price of $50, not only do you guarantee a spot for yourself and your group, but you also get the exclusive opportunity to view these unreleased gowns! If you book before December 31st, the ticket is half off!

Once booked, you'll be paired with one of our skilled bridal stylists, who will guide you through the Preview Show along with our store's selection to help you find your perfect wedding dress.

We especially encourage our brides to explore the Preview Show collection during their appointment, as these unique gowns might be changed or even excluded from the 2024 collection. This experience is designed to be even more personal and luxurious than our VIP appointments.

Please note that this event is only available from January 5th through the 7th, with limited spots. We're eager to assist as many brides as possible, so we recommend booking your appointment soon to begin your extraordinary bridal journey. Don't miss this chance to create unforgettable memories!

Preparing for the Preview Show

Once you book your appointment for the Stella York Preview Show, you'll receive an email with a Google survey to fill out. Similar to our standard appointment surveys, this will help us better understand your vision for the perfect wedding day.

This Preview Show exclusively features Stella York's designs. To enhance your experience, we recommend creating a mood board before your appointment. This will assist our stylists in selecting gowns from the collection that align with your style.

While we aim for each bride to discover a unique dress at this exclusive event, our stylists' expertise is also invaluable in guiding you through our in-store collection, should your dream dress be among them.

We encourage you to explore Stella York's diverse range of dresses in advance. The Preview Show will include styles that even our stylists will be seeing for the first time, adding to the excitement of this special weekend. We are committed to offering our brides the best expertise during this exclusive event, ensuring a memorable and personalized bridal fashion experience.


We at White Wisteria Bridal Boutique are deeply honored to be chosen by Stella York to host a Bridal Preview Show. Our stylists and owners are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to share this unique experience with our brides.

We're dedicated to making each visit unforgettable, assisting brides in discovering the perfect, never-before-seen gowns from Stella York. As a special treat, we'll also be giving away exciting goodies!

It's important to note that some of these exclusive gowns may be changed or not included in future collections, making this event a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see them as they are now. We look forward to welcoming as many brides as possible, but please remember our space is limited.

We encourage you to call or book online now to ensure you and your loved ones can join us for this exceptional weekend. We’d love to have you take part in this exclusive event from January 5th to 7th, 2024.

Looking forward to seeing you there!


White Wisteria Bridal Boutique


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