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We have a large selection of wedding dresses from a wide range of bridal designers. Let our Cincinnati bridal shop consultants help you discover the dress of your dreams.

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All About Us

An amazing group of woman doing what we love in a bridal shop in Cincinnati Ohio! 

Why White Wisteria?

Wisteria has a very special place in our hearts. Our owners, Rene and Nicholas, planted a Wisteria tree during their wedding ceremony to symbolize their two families coming together as one. It has always been one of their favorite flowers, and the meaning behind the fragrant vine perfectly describes their vision as a family and business. The Wisteria is a symbol for:

  • Good Luck, especially for the start of a business or a new marriage.

  • Expressing your affections after meeting someone special for the first time.

  • Serious devotion to a cause or another person.

We hope White Wisteria will bring you as much happiness as it has brought us! Visit our bridal shop in the Cincinnati Reading wedding district to begin your wedding planning journey.

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