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Essense of Australia: The Epitome of Elegant Bridal

From glamour and couture to simple and sleek, Essense of Australia has a gown for every bride's vision. These gowns are not just beautiful but also reasonably priced, without compromising on quality or details. Designed to cater to every body type, the collections feature an extensive size range. And it’s not just about the bride—Essense of Australia includes bridesmaids styles, carefully chosen to match the color scheme of your special day.

Bride in Wedding Gown Against Stone Wall
Essense of Australia Dress D3636

Essense of Australia is an incredible designer you probably have not heard of from reality TV shows or movies. So why should you look into their collections? The reason is simple. There is a dress for every bride and every wedding vision.

From clean satin ball gowns to intricate lace trim and placement, to glitter that catches the light so gently (or intensely; we love both)! Influenced by the style of Europe and the design focus of New York, each Essense of Australia gown is meticulously envisioned with the thought of brides all over the world.

With such an extensive collection—and our largest collection of dresses here at White Wisteria Bridal Boutique—we love styling our brides, and our brides love their dresses too. Schedule an appointment to see our collection for yourself!

Embracing Every Bride: Styling and Sizing Details

We ramble about comprehensive style, yet where does the market really stand with regards to wedding-day attire? Essense of Australia is making strides, offering bridal styles in a full range of sizes up to a bridal size 34. Finding wedding dresses in all sizes should be the norm, not the exception, and Essense is leading this charge.

Their gowns are meticulously tailored to each size, guaranteeing impeccable symmetry and proportion. Whether you choose a form-fitted dress adorned with lace appliqué or opt for the internal structure of a strapless ballgown like the D2761 (pictured below), you'll find that all Essense designs exemplify a perfect fit.

Bride in Wedding Gown in Front of Stone Stairs
Essense of Australia Dress D2761

Essense excels in enhancing a bride's beauty, elevating gowns with unique back details, romantic sleeves, elaborate trains, eye-catching 3D floral appliqués, or even a bridal bow at the back. One common question is, "Do wedding dresses run small?" The answer is no! The bridal size chart differs from standard streetwear but is designed to suit every bride.

When purchasing from Essense of Australia, multiple steps ensure gown perfection. Their detailed size chart includes measurements for standard bust, waist, and hip sizes. Our expert bridal stylists are trained to give recommendations that best suit each bride. They double and triple check measurements, ensuring accuracy.

Essense of Australia also provides custom hem guidelines for each dress, which depends on the height of your wedding-day shoes. This practice maintains the design's integrity in the skirt's lower half and accommodates every bride's height. Essense provides specific measurement methods, ensuring gowns arrive as desired.

Another plus is the hidden structure within Essense's gowns. Sometimes, this structure becomes a visible feature, as boning is a modern trend. Boning helps gowns stay up without too much reliance on straps. The straps themselves are designed for comfort and stability, whether they're stretchy, made of tulle or fabric, or even removable. (We love a gown that can double as a second look! For example - D3636 as pictured above has removable sleeves).

With these features, Essense of Australia and White Wisteria Bridal Boutique work together to minimize the amount of alterations needed, catering to brides of any style or size.

Pricing and Value: How Much do Essense of Australia Dresses Cost?

The Essense of Australia collection ranges in price from $1,800 to around $2,800. This means you'll have the dress of your dreams without blowing your budget!

Your wedding dress is one of the defining details of your wedding day—yet it can be an expensive purchase. The average cost of a wedding dress is determined by several factors. The dress style, alterations, and addition of "extras" to make it uniquely yours all affect the final price tag. While the typical price of a wedding dress varies, there is a general cost to keep in mind when shopping for your dream gown.

Close Up of Wedding Dress
Essense of Australia Dress D3823

So, how much does a wedding dress cost today? At White Wisteria Bridal Boutique and with our designer Essense of Australia, we can help you find your perfect gown that checks all the boxes while staying in budget! If you're an avid "Say Yes to the Dress" fan, you'll notice that the typical cost for a wedding dress can be vastly different for brides who shop with a large (or even unlimited) budget. Hopefully, this news comes as a bit of a relief! The price typically correlates with the details in the gown.

If you are searching for a clean, classic dress with a shorter train, the price will likely be lower than that of a gown with lots of sparkle, beading, sleeves, and an elaborate, long train. Essense of Australia offers many options to customize your dress in various ways. Whether it's adding a bow or ordering different fabrics and appliques to create a sleeve, you can create a dress that no one else will have.

Our stylists at White Wisteria have extensive knowledge and resources to help you find the dress of your dreams or to help customize it to make your bridal vision come to life! Although this may cost a little more, making bridal dreams come true is our mantra.

On top of incredible gowns at a great value, we host trunk shows from Essense of Australia throughout the year. They send brand-new styles in an array of sizes for a weekend (or two!) to our store for our brides to say yes to, before we have them in our store or even at all!

Trunk shows are great not just for new styles but also for gowns we have loved for a long time. These trunk shows offer great discounts not only on the new styles but on EVERY Essense of Australia sample dress we have in our store.

Our White Wisteria bridal stylists aim to provide the perfect dress to every bride within their budget, and Essense of Australia is our most favorite tool in our belt to make these brides the happiest and most CONFIDENT in choosing their wedding gown.

Exquisite Styles for Your Bridal Party: Essense of Australia Bridesmaid Dresses

I really could write a paragraph on each of the amazing Essense of Australia dresses that we have in the store and their incredible designs. However, almost every bride wants their favorite people standing next to them while they marry the person of their dreams. Essense of Australia didn’t forget about your bridesmaids!

Bridesmaids Standing in Front of a City Street
Sorella Vita Dress 9648

The relationship between a bride and her bridesmaids is one of the most important and lasting. It is a bond formed out of affection and respect, a friendship destined to last a lifetime. Together, they are Sorella Vita—"sisters forever."

The Sorella Vita bridesmaid collection is designed to bring the hottest runway styles and the latest red carpet trends to the aisles of the most fashionable weddings. Sorella Vita adds the perfect touch of personality and style to any wedding, featuring well-crafted details that are modern and eye-catching, colors that are rich and bold, and fabrics that are luxurious and glamorous.

Bridesmaid trends vary just as much as bridal gown trends, and Essense is on top of their designs, fabrics, and colors.

We have an extensive range of dresses in our bridesmaid samples, from fitted to flowy, matte to shimmery, and strapless to sleeves. Along with an extensive style and size range, there is a multitude of fabrics.

Samples in our store are made of classic chiffon, stretch jersey, fabrics like satin with subtle shine, soft velvet, and many more! Chiffon offers the most colors, but Sorella Vita does its best to provide the most styles with the most flattering colors for their bridesmaids collection.

All in all, you can get a beautiful Essense of Australia wedding gown, and your favorite bridesmaids can get amazing bridesmaid dresses from the same fabulous designer.


Essense of Australia is a brand White Wisteria Bridal Boutique is extremely proud to feature in our store. Taking inspiration from Europe and the style focus of New York, each design is envisioned and crafted by their incredible team in Australia.

They offer a diverse selection of designer wedding dresses in stunning styles that are elegantly crafted. At the core of Essense are creative designers who value the comfort and ideals of all brides, making them feel beautiful.

Even better, they include bridesmaids, making them feel just as confident as the bride! We love their quality, designs, inclusive size range, affordability, and the extensive sense of style they create for every bride.

Each unique love story that walks through our doors is met with an expert stylist who helps bring the wedding gown of their dreams to life. Essense of Australia creates dresses that emanate confidence, and with their help, we create confident, beautiful brides.


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