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The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Perfect Wedding Dress at White Wisteria Bridal Boutique

Navigating the world of wedding dresses can feel completely overwhelming. From deciding on a budget, sifting through countless styles, to finding the perfect fabric - uncovering your dream dress can feel like an uphill battle!

But fret not, we are here to help! Our bridal stylists put together this guide addressing your top concerns. We will walk you through everything from preparing for your appointment to your "saying yes" moment. It is our goal to help you look and feel your best in your gown. With our insights and your vision, we'll make your wedding dress journey a breeze.

Bride at Wedding Dress Appointment
Photo by Summer Frank Photography

Where Do I Start?

One of the first questions brides often ask is, "How much should I spend on my wedding dress?" Our standard price range is $1,300 - $6,000, with an average purchase price of just over $2,000. Our stylists are experts at finding your perfect dress within any budget, as we have one of the largest inventories in the district and frequently have exclusive shopping events just for you!

White Wisteria sticks by the idea that you should look and feel your best — so sit back, unwind, and let us assist with making your wedding styling as easy as can be!

The best way to prepare for bridal shopping is by doing your research; identifying silhouettes and styles you like, creating a mood board on Pinterest, or asking for professional guidance! After booking your appointment, your stylist will be there to help you in any way needed so that you can say yes to the dress!

Engaged and Excited? Let's Craft Your Bridal Vision

By now, you may have chosen what time of year your wedding will be and what venue the ceremony & reception will be at. These are both great starting points for crafting your vision!

Seasonality and venue play a huge role in potential backdrops for your photographs - visualize the color palette, floral arrangements, and decorations that will set the scene. This makes it much easier to envision what type of dress fits the overall vibe of your wedding! Our old friend, Pinterest makes this process fun and easy for you!

While figuring out the vibe and aesthetic of your ceremony & reception, you can also create mood boards that include gowns, necklines, silhouettes, or fabrics that resonate with your vision! By the time your board is full, you can share it with your stylist so we can curate dresses that perfectly match you style!

We also highly recommend viewing Instagram or TikTok posts from your local bridal boutiques; this allows you to see pictures and videos of past brides, emerging trends in the industry, and learn which boutique's vibe is right for you! We constantly post content of our beautiful brides and exciting industry content on our social media.

Booking and Prepping for Your Appointment

When you book an appointment with us, we send a Google survey to ask a few questions about your wedding and your appointment. This is where you can share pictures, style numbers or your Pinterest board!

While walking in is an option, we recommend booking an appointment to give you and your entourage the full time and experience of a pre-booked appointment. This also gives your stylist time to review your vision and curate dresses specifically for you. For that added touch, we also offer appointment upgrades.

Choosing Your Entourage

While you might be tempted to bring along a large group, remember, too many opinions can cloud your judgment. At the end of the day, the most crucial opinion is yours! A smaller, close-knit group ensures genuine feedback, allowing you to make a choice that's true to yourself.

Think of who you would regret not being a part of your wedding dress shopping experience; this may include your mother, maid of honor, best friend or future mother-in-law. By keeping your emotionally supportive group little, you will only hear the most genuine opinions since they know you the best. Furthermore, regardless of whether they especially love the dress you love, they will adore it since you do.

Did we mention that our stylists are also your biggest hype person? Our focus is on you being happy and confident when selecting your gown. We are your number one advocate, a springboard you can bounce ideas off of, and can even serve as the photographer for all your appointment photos!

Prepping for the Big Day

Getting ready to shop for your wedding dress is exhilarating! To avoid the nerves, it is great to plan a brunch or coffee date with your entourage to kickstart the day!

So, what do you wear? You’re going to be trying on dresses, so you won’t be in your clothes very often. But even then, wear what makes you confident and comfy! We also suggest doing your hair or makeup to your liking to feel your best! This will also make you feel even more like a bride in your perfect dress when you find it! You’ll also look great for your “I Said Yes” picture!

Furthermore, if you want to wear some type of heel or special shoe on your big day, you are welcome to bring a pair! This helps give you that extra boost in posture and it will give you a good idea of the completed look. If you're still hunting for the perfect pair of shoes, our exclusive Charlotte Mills collection awaits you!

You’re Here - Let’s Get You a Dress!

You've investigated and understand what dress styles you want to try on. While you may have a clear vision of the dress you want to buy before trying on dresses, it is best to go into your appointment with an open mind.

Embrace the Excitement of Dress Shopping

Bridal gowns are made in silhouettes and necklines that are not typically worn day to day or even to other formal events. While we love using your Pinterest boards, favorite dress styles, and overall vision as a guide, we encourage you to be available to new ideas and styles!

Your bridal stylist is adept at helping you uncover your dream dress, even if it is something unexpected! Keeping an open mind will make the appointment more exciting and help you either confirm your initial vision or allow it to evolve!

Our stylists love open and honest feedback; tell your consultant what you like, could do without, and be particular. The criticism will assist us with finding your ideal wedding dress! We love throwing in our own wild cards as well to elicit a response! Finding things you don't like is often as important as finding things you do.

The Essense of Trusting Yourself

After trying on numerous gowns, it's natural to have a few standouts. These favorites might range from very similar to entirely different styles. Navigating these choices can be stressful but remember—it's a vital part of the journey.

Our stylists go through every detail of the gown with you to help narrow down the right one! Sometimes all you need is a bouquet in your hand and a veil in your hair for it all to click. Regardless of the challenges, we will be there to support you along the way!

And truly - no matter how cheesy it sounds - you will know it's your dress when you feel it. Sometimes it's tears of joy, a beaming smile of overwhelming happiness, or excited screams of accomplishment! We cannot wait to celebrate with you when you find your dress!

Sign reading, "I Said Yes At White Wisteria Bridal Boutique"
Photo by Summer Frank Photography

Your Happily Ever After

You’ve done the research, planned the vision board, and selected a close-knit entourage. You trusted yourself, asked for help, and tried on a wide variety of wedding gowns. You found the perfect wedding dress that helps you radiate confidence and beauty. Now, it is time to take the next step of your bridal journey and say YES!

Our stylists are here to support you and with this guide, we hope you feel eager to find your wedding dress! To make this dream a reality, book an appointment today at White Wisteria Bridal Boutique and have the best experience finding your dream gown! We can't wait to meet you!


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