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How to Personalize Your Wedding Look

Congratulations! You’ve chosen your dress! But it needs a little extra something to tie it together. Let’s explore the art of personalizing your wedding look—a key way to make your day uniquely yours.

This blog explores how to infuse your look with personal touches, showcasing our store's variety of options, designer collections, and customization opportunities. Discover the joy of creating a look that's truly your own!

Still looking for your dress or ready to find your perfect accessory? Visit us today!

The 6 Best Ways to Compliment your Wedding Dress

1. Add Jewelry for a Statement

A great option to personalize your wedding day look is with jewelry. Jewelry can be something personal or a pop of glam to elevate your look. Pearls have always been considered ‘bridal’, and we love pairing some of our favorites by The Vine Collection Signature Jewelry with a bride who wants to add more of a classic feel to their look.

Wedding Earrings
Style 12589 from our Vine Collection Signature Jewlery

Sometimes pearls aren’t for every bride. Diamonds are one of our best friends too! A glamorous and bold diamond necklace can highlight the collarbone area. Consider adding a delicate diamond bracelet to your right hand for a touch of elegance, complimenting the new bling on your left hand from your wedding band!

2. Pick a Veil That Compliments Your Dress

The perfect touch to your dramatic walk down the aisle that is sure to make your guests tear up is a veil. There are numerous length and detail options to elevate your overall look on your big day.

Cathedral Veils

The most common veil is a cathedral-length veil, perfect for brides who want a more dramatic finishing touch. Depending on the dress and bride’s preference, you can leave the veil completely plain, add a touch of glitter tulle, or add more glitz with sequins, pearls, lace, and more!

AVL0082 Veil by Essense of Australia
AVL0082 Veil by Essense of Australia

Real Bride: Morgan Frieling Photography by: Bambino International Dress: 'Amanda' by Rebecca Schoneveld

Fingertip Veils

Looking for a more convenient and easier-to-manage veil? There are a variety of shorter veil options if the cathedral length is too much. ‘Fingertip’ length veils typically will end right where your fingertips hit at your sides. These are lightweight but still help complete the bridal “veil” of beauty.

AVL0042 Veil by Essense of Australia
AVL0042 Veil by Essense of Australia

Real Bride: Melissa Wahl Photography by: Cassidy Alane Dress: 'Briar' by All Who Wander

Designer Matched Veils

Another great thing about White Wisteria Bridal Boutique is that we stock veils that match our dresses! Casablanca creates a matching veil for every dress they create! Essense of Australia also uses lace to perfectly meld with many of their wedding gowns. 

BL356V Veil by Beloved
BL356V Veil by Beloved

Real Bride: Kaitlyn Hollins Photography by: Summer Frank Dress: 'Carley' by Beloved

Colored Veils

The latest trend in veils includes a pop of color for a modern and stylish touch! Color is most commonly used in a few ways. Want glitter but not traditional silver? We have rose gold and yellow gold glitter for a warmer shine!

For the brides who want to add extra moodiness, we have a variety of black veils that add a touch of enchantment. 

2449V Veil by Casablanca
2449V Veil by Casablanca

Lastly, is through color embroidered lace. We’ve observed a vibrant shift in dress styles, with an array of colors gaining popularity. Colored lace veils are a great solution if a bride does not want to fully commit to a colorful dress! A colorful lace veil adds a captivating pop of color to the train, allowing for a flirty and fun touch!

'Charlotte' Dress by The Vine Collection
'Charlotte' Dress by The Vine Collection

Real Bride: Morgan Tierney Photography by: Katelynn's Photography

3. Wear a Headpiece for the Glam

Headpieces are a great way to add some luxury to your hair once the veil is off for the reception! There are many different types of accessories to add to your hair depending on how you choose to style it!


For our brides who want to feel like a princess - add a tiara! A glamorous tiara can take your whole look to another level! We carry a variety of tiaras that truly resemble royal pieces! They can be bold and glitzy or more simple and subdued. Tiaras pair well with both updos and down styles.

Tiara 9046 by Marionat
Tiara 9046 by Marionat

Dress: 7673 by Stella York

Hair Pins

Wanting something to take the place of your veil for the reception? A classic hair pin with embellishments can add that sparkle back into your hair. Depending on the style you want to have, these look best with updos or at the crown of a bride’s head. 

4896 by Marionat
4896 by Marionat

These pins can be small with just a pearl, on larger combs that have metallic florals, or even bendable pieces to weave through your hair! These are perfect for boho brides who want to have something added to a long and luscious braid.

Bridal Shower & Bachelorette Headpieces

We also have numerous pieces that can be worn to other bridal events! We have many hair clips and headbands that can add a special bridal touch to your looks for showers or bachelorette parties! 

Pearl Headband by Sarah Alouache
Pearl Headband by Sarah Alouache

Dress: 'Aura' by Sarah Alouache

4. Strut in Stunning Bridal Shoes

“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a sixpence in your shoe" is the well-known rhyme that many couples continue to follow for the sake of good luck on their wedding day. 

Lucky for you, our exclusive shoe designer, Charlotte Mills, covers all your bases without skipping a beat!

Charlotte Mills Bridal Heels

Charlotte Mills shoes encapsulate this poem entirely and we have numerous samples for you to try on so you can have your own Cinderella moment! Each and every set of Charlotte Mills' carefully assembled shoes bears these gently embossed words on their lavish soles. Referring to each part of this custom, a Charlotte Mills shoe isn't just an embellishment for the aisle, but an accessory to be prized long past 'I do'. 

Juniper Pearl Heels by Charlotte Mills
Juniper Pearl Heels by Charlotte Mills

A sparkling silver sixpence in the sole of the shoe will turn into your "something old", the shoes themselves are, obviously, your "something new", the envelope included with the shoes (which you'll return along with an image of you, mid-celebration wearing your shoes) your "something borrowed" and, at long last, the baby blue Charlotte Mills logo and box your "something blue".

Charlotte Mills are great because they are able to be customized in different ways! You can change the shoe height and type so you feel as comfortable and confident as possible! 

They also have the option to switch out the straps for fabric bows, pearl embellishments, or just a plain skinny strap for stability.

Charlotte Mills Bridal Flats

 Not a heel girl? No problem! Charlotte Mills also offers gorgeous slippers to pair with your getting-ready outfit and sparkly sneakers to change into when you’re ready to dance the night away!

Karolina Pearl Bridal Trainer by Charlotte Mills
Karolina Pearl Bridal Trainer by Charlotte Mills

5. Find Your Preferred Straps & Sleeves

Your mom might have a bit of deja vu seeing this bridal trend resurface. From sleek, slimming sleeves to a more regal and dramatic poof, history is repeating itself.


Detachable Sleeves

Sleeves are a great way to add that extra bit of flair to your gown. Sometimes brides take detachable sleeves from one dress and add them to another to make their gown uniquely them! Our stylists are trained to help you understand how to create sleeves in alterations as well. 

D3787 by Essense of Australia
D3787 by Essense of Australia

Sleeves are a great way to add more gorgeous details to your overall bridal look. Generally presented as separate pieces, wedding sleeves can give a dress two unique looks. In the event that you are searching for a dress with sleeves, no matter the type, our stylists are here to help!

F320 'Hawthorn' by Wilderly
F320 'Hawthorn' by Wilderly

6. Find Your Perfect Accessory

Every bride needs a part of their wedding look that is brought up long after the wedding! Think of the question, "Did you see the ___ she had on? It was my favorite detail!”.

Bridal Sashes & Belts

Maybe you just want something simple to add that extra touch to your bridal gown. A belt or sash could be just the thing you need!

These accessories come in a delightful array of colors, patterns, fabrics, and materials, allowing you to find the perfect match for your bridal look. Whether you want a subtle accent or a statement piece, the possibilities are truly endless. 

Consider your personal style and your wedding dress silhouette. You’ll want a belt or sash that defines your waist without interrupting the overall flow of your gown.

For example, if you’re aiming for a lengthened silhouette, opt for sleek, thin belts with delicate accents. Remember, this is your moment to shine, so don’t be afraid of adding a belt or sash to complete your dream look!

Bridal Belt 888 by Maritza's Bridal Veils
Bridal Belt 888 by Maritza's Bridal Veils

Real Bride: Jordyn Rutherford

Photography by: Chasing Father

Dress: 'Riley' by Rebecca Schoneveld

Veil: 3848 by Marionat

Bridal Gloves

Bridal gloves are a simple way to add a touch of elegance and nostalgia. Whether you’re going for a classic or more modern style, there are various options to choose from.

Opera-Length Gloves

These regal gloves extend beyond the elbow and evoke Old Hollywood glamor. They are perfect for formal or black-tie weddings.

AGL0002 Gloves by Essense of Australia
AGL0002 Gloves by Essense of Australia

Real Bride: Deandra Turner

Photography by: Lightrise Photography

Dress: D3615 by Essense of Australia

Lace Gloves

For a romantic and vintage-inspired look, consider delicate lace gloves. They add a touch of femininity and work well with sheet lace or embroidered wedding dresses.

2503 'Augustina' by Casablanca
2503 'Augustina' by Casablanca

Incorporating Family Heirlooms into your Wedding

Embrace tradition and personal history by integrating family heirlooms into your wedding attire, infusing your ensemble with both emotional significance and timeless elegance. 

Explore creative ideas, from incorporating a cherished piece of fabric into your dress to embellishing your look with heirloom jewelry, ensuring each detail reflects your unique heritage. 

Use Family Jewelry

Family heirloom jewelry can add a personal touch to your wedding day look. This is a great way to keep a loved one extra close if they are celebrating you from far away or if they’ve passed away. 

Grandma Putting Family Jewlery on Bride

Real Bride: Abbie Day

Photography by: White Oaks Photography

Dress: 7332 by Stella York

Repurpose Wedding Dresses

A special way to incorporate your mother’s wedding gown is by repurposing it into a different piece to incorporate into your wedding events. Many brides recently have been taking their mothers dress and reimagining it with a seamstress into a rehearsal dinner dress, a getting ready robe, or even a second dress for the reception!

Bride looking at Wedding Dress

Real Bride: Niki Birr

Photography by: Jenna Fisher Photography

Incorporate Fabric from past Wedding Gowns

Brides recently have also been taking lace and fabric from their loved ones and incorporating it into their wedding dress. For a small, subtle touch, you can place a patch on the underside of your skirt. Or if there is a mesh on your gown, some brides will add lace to those panels to add a touch of romanticism and personalization.

Dress BL356 'Carley' by Beloved
Dress BL356 'Carley' by Beloved

Real Bride: Kaitlyn Hollins

Photography by: Summer Frank

Dress: BL356 'Carley' by Beloved

This thoughtful approach not only honors your past but also crafts a deeply meaningful bridal style, weaving the essence of your family's legacy through the very fabric of your special day. There is such beauty in connecting generations as you step into the future adorned with symbols of love and history.

Customize Your Wedding Dress with Casablanca and Beloved

Let’s delve into the enchanting world of gown customization with designers like Casablanca and their sister line, Beloved

These talented designers offer a personalized touch to your wedding attire, ensuring that your gown is not only flawlessly fitted but also a true reflection of your unique style and preferences.

Casablanca Bridal is the original line that started it all. These gowns are defined as well-rounded, and the aesthetic of Casablanca wedding dresses is soft, romantic, and overtly feminine.

They strike the perfect balance between tradition and versatility, making them ideal for the romantic bride.

Custom Dress 2374 by Casablanca
Custom Dress 2374 by Casablanca

Real Bride: Farrah LeValley

Photography by: Annie Trammel Photography

Customization Options:

  1. Sleeves: Add straps, cap sleeves, or full-length sleeves.

  2. Neckline: Adjust the neckline shape, change the height of the neckline or back, and even make the gown strapless.

  3. Skirt: Customize the skirt style, length, and volume.

  4. Details: Add or modify embellishments, lace, beading, and appliqués.

  5. Fit: Fine-tune the fit to ensure it hugs your curves perfectly.

Ask your Bridal Consultant about all your options

This is just the beginning of what many of our designers offer and we work closely with you to bring your ideas to life. Our stylists will guide you through fabric choices, design elements, and customization options. 

We work very closely with the bride, our designers, and local seamstresses to make every bride’s dream dress her perfect vision!

Remember, gown customization isn’t the same as alterations; it’s about transforming your gown into a reflection of your own personality. With White Wisteria Bridal Boutique, your wedding dress will become a cherished part of your journey. 


When choosing accessories and customizations, focus on what best reflects your personal style and the theme of your wedding. Remember, your look is uniquely yours. Feel free to draw inspiration from others or incorporate family heirlooms, but the essence of your wedding attire should be a true expression of yourself. 

Think creatively about blending traditional and modern elements to craft an ensemble that not only respects your ideals but also showcases your individuality. This personalized approach ensures your wedding look is not just seen but felt, making every aspect of your attire deeply meaningful and authentically yours.

It's clear that the heart of your big day lies in the details that speak to you as a couple. Whether it's through the thoughtful incorporation of family heirlooms, the careful selection of accessories that resonate with your personal style, or the collaborative creation of a custom gown, each choice you make adds a chapter to the story of your love.

Dress 2761 by Essense of Australia
Dress 2761 by Essense of Australia

Real Bride: Katie Ferchen

Photography by: Autobaker

Our boutique stands ready to guide you through this process, offering a vast array of options from heirloom pieces to the latest in designer customizations. We invite you to explore the endless possibilities within our collections, each designed to celebrate your unique journey to love. 

Visit us at White Wisteria Bridal Boutique for a personalized consultation, where your dream wedding look awaits discovery, crafted, and cherished. Let's make your wedding attire not just an outfit but a reflection of your individuality, your heritage, and the love you share.


White Wisteria Bridal Boutique


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