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Virtual Bridal Appointment 

Going Virtual to Say YES!

Love is not canceled, and your wedding dress shopping doesn't have to be either! Staying at home shouldn't mean a stall in your wedding plans, and our boutique is here to help you confidently say YES and KEEP your dress! Whether you are a Fall/Winter 2020 bride-to-be that is trying not to get behind in your planning or you are a savvy shopper looking for a great deal and loves shopping from home... a virtual appointment is exactly what you need!

Virtual Shopping


Video call with a stylist in store

After you send us some background information and inspiration, your stylist will work to set up a selection of sample gowns for you to shop. We will set up a free video call appointment with you to go over the dresses, and walk you through the gowns you may be interested in. When you find a few you love, we will move on to setting up your at-home trial!

Bridal Box To-Go!


Setting you up for success with your dress

Once you have selected up to 5 gowns you want to try on, we will assist you in the next steps!  We will take a small deposit that is applicable to the total price of your gown, and will book your curbside pick-up. You will get the gowns for up to 5 days to try them on for friends and family! Depending on your schedule, you may be able to video call a stylist in-store to walk you through the gowns as you try them on. We will also include a garment bag and some sweet swag for you to make the moment special!

Say YES!


Keep your dress, return the rest

All of the gowns available for at-home try-ons are from our large inventory of off-the-rack samples... so the dress you try is the dress you keep! No need to worry or stress about order times in the future. Just box up the rest and return them, and feel confident that you are one step closer to saying I DO!

Email us at to book now!

There is a non-refundable $50 cleaning and sterilization fee, as well as a $100 fully-refundable security deposit. This $150 total will be charged to a card upon scheduling the curbside pickup appointment. If you do not choose a dress in the first round, you can return all 5 dresses and select another round or request your $100 security deposit to be refunded. If you do purchase a dress, the entire $150 paid can be applied toward the total price of the dress.





A card will be kept on file to charge in the case of damages to the gowns, and all gowns not returned at the scheduled curbside return will be charged to the card in full. Damages charges will be priced in relation to the level of damage done to gown.


Once gowns are returned to the store they will be left untouched for 24 hours then heat sterilized before becoming available again. 

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