Questions About Bridesmaid's Dresses

Who typically pays for the bridesmaids dressses?

This varies with each bridal party. Occassionaly, the bride will contribute to or cover the cost of the bridesmaids party, however we typically see arrangements where each bridesmaid pays for her own bridesmaid dress.

What is a good budget for each bridesmaid?

While we do carry some dresses above and below, most of our bridesmaids collection falls between $200 and $250.

When should bridesmaids order their dresses?

We recommend that the entire party have their dresses ordered and paid in full at least 6 months prior to the wedding date. This ensures that we can order the dresses together and avoid any variations in dye lots.

Do bridesmaids have to wear the same dress?

Bridesmaids can mix and match as little or as much as their bride wants! Traditionally all bridesmaids would wear the same style and color, however we have seen lots of parties switching it up with styles and colors to match each bridesmaid's taste!

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