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Meet Becca Gillian: A Bridal Stylist with a Passion for Perfection


Becca Gillian, an accomplished bridal stylist, has been an integral part of the White Wisteria Bridal Boutique in Cincinnati, Ohio. She is our team's inventory lead, so she is the top knowledge girl for anything you see in our store available for purchase! With her keen eye for fashion and unwavering dedication to helping brides find their dream wedding dresses, Becca brings joy and confidence to every love story that walks through the boutique’s doors.

Three Years of Bridal Magic

Becca's journey at White Wisteria Bridal Boutique has been nothing short of magical. She has woven dreams into reality for the past three years, helping brides find their perfect wedding gowns. Her commitment to creating unforgettable bridal experiences shines through in every appointment she handles. Whether it’s a nervous first-time bride or a seasoned wedding veteran, Becca’s warm smile and expert guidance make the process memorable.

Bridal Consultanat Becca Gillian Sitting On White Chair in front of Window

The Perfect Fit

“Don’t worry about the dresses not fitting ‘properly,’” Becca reassures brides. These gowns are intentionally designed with a more vague shape, allowing for custom alterations. It’s not about your body—it’s about finding the perfect canvas to create your unique bridal look. Becca’s expertise lies in understanding how a gown can be transformed through alterations. She knows that the magic happens when a dress is tailored to fit like a second skin, enhancing the bride’s confidence and radiance.


Becca believes that one dress can be worn in countless ways. Accessories play a pivotal role in transforming a gown from ordinary to extraordinary. Whether it’s a delicate veil, a statement belt, or a stunning headpiece, how you style your wedding dress completely changes its vibe. Becca encourages brides to explore different options, experiment with accessories, and let their personalities shine through. After all, it’s the little details that make a bridal ensemble uniquely theirs.

Close up bridal veil

Designer Favorites

Becca’s heart belongs to two designers: Rebecca Schoneveld and Stella York. Rebecca’s fresh and artistic collections resonate with Becca’s creative spirit. Becca wore “Whitney” on her beautiful wedding day!

Bride with Friends in Grass Field

Meanwhile, Stella York offers structured designs with budget-friendly options—a win-win for brides seeking variety and elegance. White Wisteria is hosting another Stella York Preview show June 7-9! Book your appointment now to see new, never-before-seen, and possibly never-made gowns to say yes to!

Life Beyond Bridal

When Becca isn’t immersed in the bridal world, she enjoys quality time with her best friends and her husband. Whether they’re dancing at a club or battling it out in video games, these moments recharge her spirit. On quieter nights, you’ll find her lost in a good book or savoring her favorite tunes. Her favorite right now is Stick Season by Noah Kahn!

A Passion for Apparel Design

Becca’s educational background in apparel design fuels her passion. She’s always ready to answer questions about alterations, customizations, and the intricate details that make each gown unique. Accessorizing a bride’s look is one of Becca’s favorite parts of the bridal world!

The Joy of Discovery

Becca’s favorite part of being a stylist at White Wisteria? Witnessing a bride’s face light up when she finds “the one.” Bonus points if tears of joy flow—because that’s when Becca knows she’s made a lasting impact.

 Close up of wedding dress in bridal shop on the rack

Becca Gillian’s dedication to her craft and her ability to create magical moments for brides make her an invaluable asset to White Wisteria Bridal Boutique. If you’re on the hunt for your dream wedding dress, Becca is the stylist you want by your side! Book your appointment today at White Wisteria Bridal Boutique in Cincinnati’s Reading Bridal District. 


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