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Causes We Support: Standing with the People of Ukraine


The team at White Wisteria Bridal Boutique feels it is important to show our support to Ukrainian people during this challenging time. During crises such as this, we often feel helpless or that our support just isn't going to be enough.

For this reason, we want to provide reliable resources that go directly to humanitarian efforts in Ukraine. We have chosen to donate to an incredible organization called Razom, meaning "together" in Ukrainian. They provide critical medical supplies to the Ukrainian people. Their website details their aid more thoroughly, various ways for you to show support, as well as a platform for Ukrainian voices to be heard.

No matter the amount, or if you are simply sharing these resources to your friends and family, any and all kinds of support are helpful during this time of pain and uncertainty.

Below we have provided a list of other reputable organizations working to support the safety, mental, physical, and all-round well being of the people in Ukraine.

Together, we can raise awareness and make an impact.

- The White Wisteria Team

Come Back Alive


Nova Ukraine

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